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Pre-Wash & Shampoo

Looking for a high-quality pre-wash or shampoo for your vehicle? Look no further than Nerta's range of products. Our specially formulated products are designed to safely and effectively clean your vehicle's exterior without damaging the paintwork. Whether you're a professional detailer or a car enthusiast, our fully concentrated pre-wash and shampoo products are the perfect addition to your car cleaning kit. Trust in Nerta's expertise in vehicle care and cleaning, and achieve a perfectly clean and shiny vehicle every time.

NERTA ACTIVE DIAMOND FOAM is a super concentrated and powerful alkaline exterior cleaner.ACTIVE DIAMOND FOAM has a creamy foam, charactarized by its extraordinary cleaning and clinging capacity. It easily removes the heaviest soilure.Active Diamond Foam is recommended for cleaning trailers and under..
ACTIVE FOAM YELLOW is a neutral shampoo, with a fresh perfume and a powerful colour.ACTIVE FOAM YELLOW is a neutral shampoo, with a fresh perfume and apowerful colour. The perfect shampoo to improve your customer experience inyour carwash. Available in pink / yellow / blue.FEATURESFreshly perfumed (..
Introducing NERTA High Foam Cleaner 25L: The Ultimate Alkaline Cleaning Power! NERTA High Foam Cleaner 25L is a highly effective and concentrated alkaline prewash agent designed to tackle dirt, grime, and stubborn stains on all types of vehicles. With its powerful foaming action, this product del..
Hyperfoam is a highly foamy, alkaline, highly concentrated product for washing all vehicles. A very effective remedy even in low concentrations as active foam or pre-spraying! Recommended for washing trucks.   Strongly foaming alkaline pre-washing preparation (Prewash - as active foam or pre-s..
NERTA SNOWFOAM is a concentrated, nano-molecular active foam with a nice perfume.   SNOWFOAM is a concentrated, pH neutral nano-molecular active foam to use in foam arches. Combined with compressed air, you will obtain a creamy, snow effect. Long-lasting protection. Dirt-repellent. Contains co..
 Carnet Jumbo Contactless Snow Foam Pre-Wash 5L - Exceptional Soaking Power & Shiny Finish
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NERTA CARNET JUMBO is a concentrated and gentle vehicle cleaner that is not corrosive and has an exceptional soaking power to safely clean any car or truck.only 50 ml of product with 950ml water for prewash and 200ml with 800ml water for foam cleaning. Unlike the majority of alkaline cleaners CARNET..
Introducing Blue Diamond: The Ultimate Concentrated Alkaline Prewash Agent for All Vehicles   Blue Diamond is a highly effective and concentrated alkaline prewash agent designed to provide exceptional cleaning results for all types of vehicles. With its thick, creamy foam and outstanding soaki..
Nerta Anti-Insect is a powerful insect remover that is designed to quickly and easily remove insect residue from car exteriors, windows, and headlights. The product contains a blend of surfactants and cleaning agents that work together to break down and dissolve insect residue, making it easy to wip..
Nerta Active Foam Perfumed is a high-quality, alkaline-based foam cleaner that is specially formulated to remove dirt, grime, and other stubborn contaminants from various surfaces. The product is designed to be used with a foam lance or foam gun, and it produces a thick foam that clings to the surfa..
DRIZZLE PROTECT is an exceptionally soft prewash agent to clean all types of vehicles. Removes the static dirt and is easy to rinse. The formula of DRIZZLE PROTECT contains high-quality components which protect the lacquer and give a water- repellent and sparkling effect. Guaranteed c..
NERTA SHAMPOO & WAX is a neutral, low foaming wash & wax shampoo for manual cleaning.       2 in 1 low foaming shampoo, gives an optimal, long-lasting protection and a nice shining. Contains natural waxes. Ideal product to handwash an oldtimer or classic car. The produ..
NERTA ANTI-INSECT is an alkaline prewash agent that removes fast and effortless all insects from bodywork and windscreen also can be used with fogging systems, foam systems , in foam arches from carwash installations and as a general prewash agent in high pressure cleaners...
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